Courtroom Animation

Tony Ausick
Senior Vice President of Sales

Redondo Beach
Office Phone: 706.362.7420
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Practice Areas

  • Courtroom Presentation Technology
  • Trial Exhibits
  • Trial Support & Presentation
  • Video Animations and Simulations
As SVP of Sales and Development, Tony loves collaborating with clients in creating visual solutions for their cases. Tony enjoys being a people person, and connecting with anyone and everyone. With an expansive resume in the events, marketing, and sales, Tony is a fantastic addition to the Courtroom Animation team. Establishing long term relationships, delivering the highest levels of customer service and being available around the clock are of utmost importance to Tony. He loves working in all aspects of a project and takes pride in making a difference in the outcome of a case. In his free time, you can find Tony playing golf at the world’s premier courses.
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