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Shadow Investigations

Andrea Jones
Director of National Accounts

Office Phone: 248.444.5995
Email: Andrea Jones
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Andrea Jones graduated from Virgnia Tech with a BA in Public Relations, as well as BA in English. She spent time with the American Red Cross in the Public Affairs department before shifting career path to join a boutique multi-communications firm where she helped create customized communications stratagies for large corporations, museums and other organizations. Andrea then moved to Texas where she pursued a career in marketing and branding, working with various local organizations to increase visibility and community impact. From there, Andrea moved to Michigan where she continued working with local agencies befored becoming a memeber of Shadow's team. In her free time, she is a video game fanatic and fitness ehnthusiasts who holds several national powerlifting records.


  • Virginia Tech BA in Public Relations & English


  • Manned Surveillance
  • Locate / Skip Traces
  • Interviews / Witness Statements
  • Background Checks/Database Searches
  • Driving Checks
  • Unmanned / Stationary / Pole Surveillance
  • Process Serving
  • Scene Photography
  • Asset Checks
  • Vehicle Registration Checks
  • Social Media Canvasses
  • GPS Tracking
  • Medical Canvasses
  • Public Record Searches
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