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Practice Areas

  • Appellate
Daniel Weinger, Esq. is the Managing Attorney for the firm's Appellate and Trial Support Division. Daniel has handled hundreds of appeals over the past eighteen years in his work in the public sector as a career attorney with the Third District Court of Appeal and in the private sector as the lead appellate attorney at various private practices. Daniel also provides key trial support in complex and high exposure matters in the areas of products liability, medical products, general negligence, personal injury, automobile liability and premises liability, bad faith, insurance coverage, commercial litigation and employment discrimination.

Upon completing his Juris Doctor, magna cum laude from Nova Southeastern University, Daniel served as a Career Attorney for the Third District Court of Appeal for six years. In this capacity, Daniel worked directly for and advised distinguished members of Florida’s judiciary, including the Honorable Alan R. Schwartz, the Honorable Joseph Nesbitt, the Honorable James R. Jorgenson, the Honorable Gerald B. Cope, the Honorable David L. Levy, the Honorable Mario P. Goderich, the Honorable Juan Ramirez, Jr., the Honorable Frank A. Shepard, the Honorable Thomas H. Barkdull, Jr., as well as several visiting judges from across the State. The experience provided Daniel with insight into the various methods that different judges apply when deciding a case on appeal.

Following his tenure at the Third District Court of Appeal, Daniel worked as lead appellate counsel for various private practices including as Principal of his own Law firm. Daniel was also an Adjunct Professor at Nova Law where he taught Civil Pre-Trial Practice and at Florida Atlantic University where he taught Business Law.

Daniel earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University, graduating magna cum laude, class rank top 5%. He is admitted in Florida (1999) and to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida (2000), and to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit (2010).


  • William Telli v. Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, et al. No. SC12-2253
  • William Telli v. Broward County, et al., No. SC11-1737
  • Walter J. Browne v. Kenneth Strochak et al., No. 4D16-2286
  • Robert Solomon v. Melanie Solomon, No. 4D16-1365 & 4D16-2804
  • Transcapital Bank v. Palm Beach Group Inv., Inc., No. 2D16-1190
  • Baltasar Jimenez v. Melba Jimenez, No. 2D16-378
  • Juan Cantor v. Joaquin Urbina, No. 4D15-4059
  • South Florida Guardianship etc. v. Brian Gobin et al., No. 4D15-1070-71
  • Eugene Sims, II, v. Christine T. Sims, No. 3D15-460
  • Dismex Food, Inc. et al., v. Bobby U. Harris, No. 3D14-1461
  • Francisco Negron et al., v. Nellie Hessing et al., No. 4D13-4700 and 4D13-4748
  • Mary Handel v. Sebastian River Park 160 etc., et al., No. 3D13-2708
  • Tyron Francois, etc., v. The Matter of Jennifer Brinkman, et al., No. 4D14-2739
  • Board of County Commiss. v. Lori Parrish, No. 4D14-101
  • Ellen Aguiar v. Jamie Aguiar, No. 4D13-596
  • Angelika Christal v. Jamie Aguiar, as wife of Guma Aguiar, No. 4D13-07
  • William Telli v. Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, No. 4D12-3303
  • Steven J. Gutter, Esq. v. Delray Beach WiFi, Inc., No. 4D12-2438
  • Patricia Goldstein v. Kenneth Rappaport, No. 4D12-1957
  • Michelle Vrasic v. Lorne Leibel, No. 4D12-1289
  • William B. Shields, Jr. v. Phillip Schuman, et al., No. 4D11-3357
  • Max R. Whitney, P.A. v. Francisco De Souza, No. 4D11-1909
  • Joseph W. Sparveri, Jr., v. Anthony Degennaro, etc., No. 4D11-1160
  • Broward County and Dr. Brenda C. Snipes v. William Telli, No. 4D10-4687
  • Scott A. Weiss v. Guardianship of Barbara Mumford Kasler, No. 4D10-3441
  • Byron Henn v. Ultrasmith Racing, LLC, No. 4D10-2674
  • The Harborage Club v. Madison Capital Company, No. 4D10-695
  • Ultrasmith Racing, LLC v. Byron Henn, No. 4D09-4788
  • Randy Seltzer, etc. v. Michael Leopold, etc., No. 4D09-4228
  • Jacqueline K. Hosmer v. Steak and Ale of Florida, Inc., No. 4D06-4587
  • Margorie A. Hill v. Unemployment Appeals Commission, et al., No. 4D05-4139
  • North Broward Hospital District , etc. v. David Bedoya, etc. et al., No. 4D05-3244
  • David Chavez v. McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 5D11-1846
  • Jones Total Health Care Pharma v. DEA, 11th Cir. Case No. 16-17346-DD
  • Gazelle Group, Inc. v. Tamaz Trading Establishment, 11th Cir. Case No. 15-13543-B
  • Norrel Sutherland, et al, v. Brian Allison, et al., 11th Cir. Case No. 10-11673-C
  • Marlene Whittier, et al., v. City of Sunrise, 11th Cir. Case No. 10-10032-I


  • Florida Atlantic University, B.A., 1993
  • Nova Southeastern University, J.D.,.,
  • magna cum laude, class rank Top 5%, 1999

Bar Admissions

  • 1999, Florida.
  • 2000, United States District Court, Southern District of Florida.
  • 2010, United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit.

Awards And Honors

  • Goodwin Fellow Recipient
  • Nathan Burkan Memorial Writing First Prize Recipient at Nova Southeastern Univesity


  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator


  • Civil Appeals
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