Public Relations Board

This Board is comprised of three participants:

  • • One Attorney serves as Cabinet Leader with decision making authority to bring recommendations to the Advisory Board; and,
  • • Two additional Attorneys selected from the law firm members of The Gavel.

The purpose of the board is:

    • To determine how The Gavel will respond to major current events;

    • To issue Press Releases about The Gavel, its members, and industry professionals; and,

    • To respond to any inquiries or news about The Gavel.
Thomas Paruolo
Oklahoma Attorney Member
DeWitt Paroulo & Meek, PLLC

Richard Underwood
Tennessee Attorney Member
Harris, Shelton, Hanover, & Walsh, P.L.L.C.
Interested in more information or joining this committee? Contact our CEO, Pamela Pettus directly at 561-419-7500 or via email at