The Gavel Premises & Dram Shop Group™

This Group is comprised of one Group Leader and two Co-Chairs, all attorneys selected from law firm members of The Gavel.

The purpose of the Premises and Dram Shop Group is to provide members, specialists and other legal professionals with relevant and updated data, networking opportunities, and more by means of in-person and virtual educational opportunities.

The mission of the Group is to enhance the practice of premises liability and dram shop defense by:
a. Connecting retail, hospitality, establishments, other businesses, and their insurers with leading litigators across the country;
b. Provide members with educational and speaking opportunities; and,
c. Assist in keeping members up to date on national trends in the law and industry.

Ashley Brown - Group Leader
Ward, Hocker, Thornton

Bill Austill
Austill, Lewis, Pipkin & Maddox, P.C.

Kelly Morgan
West Virginia
Bailey & Wyant, P.L.L.C.

Interested in more information or joining this committee? Contact our CEO, Pamela Pettus directly at 561-419-7500 or via email at