Specialists are some of the most well-respected neutrals known for their delivery of objective, valid, and scientifically reliable opinions.
They are selected based on their education, experience, qualifications, and reputation. They are not charged a fee to be included in the network.


Phone: 616.826.5365
207 Old Padonia Road
Cockeysville, NW 21030
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207 Old Padonia Road
Cockeysville NW
Phone: 616.826.5365
Email: curtdv@fraudsniffr.com

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Our surveillance repository software provides a searchable, filterable data mining system that houses all types of surveillance data, creating a chronological display of all findings across our comprehensive social media searches, physical surveillance, and medical canvass solutions. We make it possible to follow multiple profiles in social media, pulling fresh content from social media into the system in seconds via our “Scan Now” button.
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