Specialists are some of the most well-respected neutrals known for their delivery of objective, valid, and scientifically reliable opinions.
They are selected based on their education, experience, qualifications, and reputation. They are not charged a fee to be included in the network.

Braddy Investigative Group

Phone: 303.860.1380
P.O. Box 24228
Denver , CO 80224
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P.O. Box 24228
Denver CO
Phone: 303.860.1380
Email: amybraddy@braddyinvgrp.com

Firm Information

The strength of Braddy Investigative Group, Inc. is measured by our track record of success.

Since our start in 1995, Braddy Investigative Group, Inc. has been at the forefront of our industry. Based in Denver, Colorado, our investigators are local, well-versed, and familiar with the area. Using the latest techniques and equipment, our team delivers the cutting-edge services necessary to promptly reveal the answers you need most.