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Revis Trial Strategies

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5529 Judalon Lane
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5529 Judalon Lane
Houston NW
Phone: 713.898.0580
Email: nrevis@revislegal.com

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For over 19 years, RevisTrialStrategies has achieved exceptional results in a variety of high-stakes civil and criminal cases nationwide. From the largest regional healthcare insurers and providers to lone victims of auto and truck accidents, our trial preparation and juror profiling methods have been instrumental in saving and or securing our clients – both plaintiffs and defendants - over $1 Billion from jury verdicts and favorable settlements over the last four years. One client, a regional healthcare provider, reduced reinsurance premiums $20 Million annually ($120 Million cumulatively) due to favorable jury verdicts which resulted in the virtual elimination of high-cost claims. Representative plaintiff cases include: J. Mckiver v Murphy Brown (Negligence, $50 Million); SVZ v Chipotle (Sexual Assault, $7.6 Million); D. Simpson v Genesis Energy (18-Wheeler Accident, $19.2 Million); and SEP v Arkansas Health and Wellness (Breach of Contract, $9.6 Million).

​RevisTrialStrategies pioneered the use of technology in the courtroom by developing the first software program providing attorneys with an empirical basis for striking high-risk jurors. Based on verdict related survey results from 50,000 respondents, this program was featured in several legal publications including ABA Litigation News, the Boston University Law Review, the Campbell Law Review, and the National Law Review. Through the development of our proprietary juror profiling technology, and after administering over 1,000 post-verdict juror interviews and discovering the most effective winning trial presentation strategies, our team possesses a solid foundation for the trial consulting services we provide. These include innovative focus group and mock trial research; preparing for, and defending against, the Reptile method; authoring voir dire that maximizes strikes; and coaching the five critical communication and presentation skills both expert witnesses and trial attorneys must exhibit to obtain favorable verdicts.