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Kelley Alliance

Ted Kelley

Boca Raton
Office Phone: 561.218.3313
Office Fax: 561.218.9498
Email: admin@kelleyalliance.com
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  • Independent & Field Adjusters
Kelley Alliance, is the Premier Investigative agency in the Southeast. We are highly motivated to meet all of your investigative needs. Our reputation is excellent, our standards are high; we have the experience and quality control to back up our promises, we guarantee it. Over the years, we have witnessed a steep increase in insurance fraud as claimants and plaintiff’s attorneys have become bolder. Although the Claims Industry has continually found new ways to combat fraud by developing more effective “red flag” systems for fraud detection and prevention, those methods are ineffective unless your field investigation is performed professionally. You, as the claims professional, cannot accept anything less than full effort and experience every time you assign to an outside investigative vendor. Kelley Alliance meets this requirement for exceptional investigative quality. Through our extensive personal experience we have learned that only through high quality, experienced investigations, coupled with professional reports and clear communications can we effectively combat insurance fraud together. I have over twenty-five years of field investigative and supervisory experience while working with SIU Investigators, attorneys, adjusters and other insurance claims specialists through carriers and TPA’s. He is a licensed all-lines adjuster, a licensed private investigator, and a member of FALI, NSPII and is an associate Certified Fraud Examiners. We are well known for accepting nothing less than the best efforts from our staff and we have learned through experience what it takes to meet your investigative expectations on a long-term basis, day in and day out.

We are excited about the opportunity we may have to assist you in your claims control efforts by supplying to you the most professional investigative agency in Florida. We are committed to spare no time nor expense to become the single most reliable source for you, the claims professional. We know that you expect enthusiastic, ethical, timely and professional investigations. We believe that there is no company better prepared to bring these qualities to you. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Kelley Alliance provides services in the Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama region. We are fully licensed and insured.


  • Surveillance
  • SIU Investigations
  • Neighborhood Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Workers Comp Investigations
  • Homeowners Investigations
  • Locate Investigations
  • Clinic Inspections
  • Auto Accidents
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