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LegalNet Inc.

Rory Haynie
President and Chief Architect

Office Phone: 800.810.1865 ext 102
Office Fax: 888.804.0460
Email: Rory.Haynie@LegalNetInc.com
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Practice Areas

  • Trial Support & Presentation
In 2007, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from Texas to be one of the early members at a startup named Systema Software. Our original client was Berkshire Hathaway who was pivotal over the years. After nearly nine years, countless industry awards, building a startup from 3 people to a 40+ corporation, I've set my sights on a new challenge in the insurance industry. I will be collecting and analyzing Big Data specifically in the area of litigated claims. In 2015, I was chosen by LegalNet, Inc to lead them into the future as their President and Chief Architect. We will be leveraging state-of-the-art technology to monitor and predict the costs of litigated claims. I am excited about this new challenge but what excites me the most about LegalNet is the opportunity to take my ideas and visions and put them into practice. Not only for myself, but because I truly think that I can help people in the insurance industry!


  • Texas State University
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