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Revis Trial Strategies

Norm Revis
Senior Consultant

Office Phone: 713.898.0580
Email: nrevis@revislegal.com
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Practice Areas

  • Jury Consulting
  • Mock Trials and Focus Groups
  • Trial Support & Presentation
Norm Revis is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Revis Trial Strategies. He has participated in over 300 jury selections and conducted over 150 Mock Trials and Focus Groups. Since 2015, Norm has consulted on at least one Texas Top 35 Plaintiff Verdict every year, and is widely recognized for pioneering the use of technology in the courtroom and developing JuryQuest, the first nationally recognized software program providing trial attorneys with an empirical basis for identifying and striking dangerous jurors.

Merging verdict survey data from over 50,000 respondents, with real-time open and closed-source investigative tools, provides clients with crucial data on the social media viewing habits and personal experiences of prospective jurors. Norm developed a proprietary method distinctly designed to identify those jurors you can count on to make favorable verdict decisions. This innovative approach has assisted several attorneys achieve favorable monetary jury verdicts nearly 40 times the defendant's final offer.

Norm has been a frequent guest on The Ben Hall Legal Hour, Court TV’s Cathryn Crier Live and featured in the following publications: Slate Magazine, The National Law Review, LAW.com, Boston University Law Review, Campbell Law Review, Houston Business Journal, Tampa Bay Business Journal, and ABA Litigation News.

Norm played college football for Southern Methodist University in the early 80's, and sees many similarities between litigators preparing for a signature must-win trial and preparing for a must-win championship football game. When not enjoying a round of golf or travelling with his wife Kathy, Norm can be found walking his rescue German Shorthaired Pointer, Sadie, throughout their Houston neighborhood.


  • Southern Methodist University - Cox School of Business


  • Our main areas of practice are:
  • • Medical Malpractice
  • • Breach of Contract
  • • Intellectual Property
  • • Personal Injury
  • • Property Condemnation
  • • Contract Disputes
  • • Employment
  • • Criminal Defense
  • Services Include:
  • Witness Preparation : Innovative Focus Groups : Mock Trials : Pre-Trial Preparation :
  • Jury Selection : Forensic Financial Examinations : Extensive Juror Background Investigation
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