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Thompson Court Reporters

Michael Thompson

Office Phone: 312.421.3377
Email: mthompson@thompsonreporters.com
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Practice Areas

  • Court Reporting (all) Services
  • Courtroom Presentation Technology
  • Deposition/Document Repository
  • Video Streaming Depo Conferencing
Michael Thompson began his career in 1992 at a legal technology company focused on providing computer networking solutions to law firms, including design, implementation, and support. In 1999, he was hired by I-DEP, LLC to support the launch of the world’s first live deposition service to be streamed through the Internet. His primary responsibilities included the training of court reporting firms on I-DEP’s technology and introducing live internet deposition streaming to law firms and corporate counsel. Mr. Thompson launched Thompson Court Reporters, Inc. in 2003. TCR has earned national recognition for their ability to manage complex, multi-district litigation services. Their veteran team of court reporters and videographers, located throughout the U.S., is a major component of the company’s success. Mr. Thompson oversees daily operations, researches and implements new technology offerings, and maintains close contact with our clients.


  • Verbatim transcripts & video
  • Internet streaming & realtime court reporting
  • Video-text synchronization
  • Audio transcription
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