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Crispin Special Investigations, Inc.

Robert Crispin

Fort Lauderdale
Office Phone: 954.767.2007
Office Fax: 954.241.5955
Cell Phone: 954.444.1871
Email: crispininvestigations@yahoo.com
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CRISPIN SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS INC. is operated under the direction of CEO Robert W. Crispin. Robert is a former Federal Task Force Officer assigned to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), Miami Field Division(MFD) and South Florida law enforcement Police Detective. He has instructed numerous law enforcement personnel and investigated crimes at the local, state and federal levels. During his law enforcement career, and even today, he is considered by many, to be one of the top investigators and interrogators in the business.

Robert has extensive knowledge and training in several aspects of law enforcement investigations and is familiar with the procedures as they relate to investigations involving traffic related crimes such as DUI’s, accident cases, search/arrest warrants, crime scene process, evidence collection and handling, interview techniques, surveillance and counter surveillance operations, missing person cases, sex crimes, backgrounds and financial investigations as well as tactical SWAT operations. During his law enforcement career, Robert traveled across the country where he conducted investigations which involved national and international criminal activity, as well as phone tap investigations.

Robert has been qualified in federal court as an expert witness in and for the Southern District of Florida. His qualifications include Drug Identification, Drug Investigations, Drug Interdiction, Drug Valuation, Methods of concealment and the fundamentals of marijuana hydroponics grow operations. He is also a certified homicide and sex crimes investigator. Robert has testified as an expert witness on behalf of the United States Government for cases involving the FBI, DEA and the United States Customs Service.

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