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American Legal Records

Phone: 610.848.4302
1974 Sproul Road, Suite 403
Broomall, NW 19008
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1974 Sproul Road, Suite 403
Broomall NW
Phone: 610.848.4302
Cell: 717.808.9602
Email: Mike Funk

Firm Information

American Legal Records was founded by record retrieval experts, ensuring that we know how to meet our clients’ specific needs. ALR understands the importance of retrieving high quality and complete records in an efficient manner. It is this dedicated service that has made ALR one of the fastest growing record retrieval companies.

American Legal Records utilizes the latest easy-to-use technologies that streamline the discovery and retrieval process, enhance delivery flexibility, and reliably handle the most complex cases. ALR is an industry leader in record procurement and duplication services with a personalized customer service staff available for all your needs.

Our proprietary online services combined with unmatched security, including HIPAA compliance, ensure that our clients have the best tools available and the confidence of working with a market leader. Access our extensive list of services through our online client portal, or by calling one of our customer services representatives today!