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LegalNet Inc.

Phone: 800.810.1865
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PO Box 10106
Springfield, NW 65808
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PO Box 10106
Springfield NW
Phone: 800.810.1865 ext 102
Email: Rory.Haynie@LegalNetInc.com
PO Box 10106
Springfield NW
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Cell: 214.636.9226
Email: Roger.Lee@LegalNetInc.com

Firm Information

LegalNet Inc is a litigation cost management company focused on big data and metrics.

We were born from a necessity to manage and analyze legal expenses with a focus on maintaining good relationships between our clients and their law firm partners.

The primary goal of our service is to help clients monitor, contain and predict the costs of legal claims. We provide reports on legal costs, insurance claims, law firms, attorneys, and jurisdictions. The information is verified by our experts and clients can access their legal data via our state-of-the-art online reporting tool.

Our offices are located in Frisco, TX and Springfield, MO and we have been helping companies nationwide since 1993. We pride ourselves in providing the most helpful litigation cost management service and our years of success prove its value.