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William (Bill) Smock, M.S., M.D.

William (Bill) Smock, M.S., M.D.

Office Phone: 502.574.7080
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Dr. Bill Smock is the Police Surgeon and directs the Clinical Forensic Medicine Program for the Louisville Metro Police Department. He graduated from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky in 1981 and obtained a Master’s degree in Anatomy from the University of Louisville in 1987. Bill graduated from the University of Louisville, School of Medicine in 1990 and completed a residency in emergency medicine at the University of Louisville in 1993.

In 1994, he became the first physician in the United States to complete a post-graduate fellowship in Clinical Forensic Medicine. Dr. Smock was an Assistant Medical Examiner with the Kentucky Medical Examiner’s Office from 1991 to 1997. Dr. Smock joined the faculty at University of Louisville’s Department of Emergency Medicine in 1994 and was promoted to the rank of full professor in 2005. Dr. Smock is currently a Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Louisville, School of Medicine and regularly takes medical students on mission trips to Africa.

Dr. Smock has edited three textbooks on clinical forensic medicine and published more than 30 chapters and articles on forensic and emergency medicine. He is an internationally recognized forensic expert and trains nurses, physicians, law enforcement officers and attorneys in multiple fields including: officer-involved shootings, strangulation, gunshot wounds, injury mechanisms and motor vehicle trauma. Dr. Smock is also the Police Surgeon for the Jeffersontown, Kentucky and St. Matthews, Kentucky Police Departments. He also serves as a sworn tactical physician and detective for the Floyd County Indiana Sheriff’s Department.


  • Centre College, Danville, Kentucky, B.S. 1977-1981
  • University of Louisville School of Medicine Department of Anatomy, M.S.1983-1987
  • University of Louisville School of Medicine, M.D. 1986-1990
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