Specialists are some of the most well-respected neutrals known for their delivery of objective, valid, and scientifically reliable opinions.
They are selected based on their education, experience, qualifications, and reputation. They are not charged a fee to be included in the network.

Collision Specialists, Inc.

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625 Green Street NW
Gainesville, GA 30501
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625 Green Street NW
Gainesville GA
Phone: 855.274.6776
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Email: jkidd@collisionspecialistsinc.com

Firm Information

In addition to crash analysis, accident reconstruction, and expert testimony services, CSI offers a full range of motor carrier regulatory services. One of the positive attributes of CSI’s extensive trucking litigation experience is that we can take advantage of that experience to assist motor carriers and businesses that operate commercial motor vehicles manage future liability exposure through assisting such companies to implement industry best practices. We assist trucking and motor coach companies with their compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSR) and Hazardous Material Transportation Regulations.