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Forensic Accountants
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10 High Street - Suite 1000
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Firm Information

MDD offers an unparalleled range of forensic accounting services. Since 1933, our clients have called on us to provide our unsurpassed expertise across more than 800 industries.

Our experts have knowledge across a wide range of practice areas. Our forensic accounting services include business disputes, natural and man-made catastrophes, lost profits, business valuations, fraud, business interruption, products liability and product recall and subrogation.

As part of our processes, we establish accounting controls and protocols and review all necessary financial and operational data. We also interview key management, staff, suppliers and customers. These practices help us identify and measure economic damages enabling us to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions.

The diverse and potentially complex nature of this niche area of accounting requires us to understand a number of factors. Some of these include the impacted industry, any applicable domestic and international accounting principles in play and insurance coverages that are unique to the claims in question. We are routinely retained for evaluations that require extensive knowledge of accounting, business, operational and manufacturing processes and our proven expertise and keen investigative insight enables us to accurately assess and resolve even the most complex and contentious matters.

Our forensic accounting specialists routinely provide expert and consulting witness testimony in courts, arbitrations and mediations around the world.