Specialists are some of the most well-respected neutrals known for their delivery of objective, valid, and scientifically reliable opinions.
They are selected based on their education, experience, qualifications, and reputation. They are not charged a fee to be included in the network.

Professional Reporters

Phone: 405.727.1006
511 Couch Drive
Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
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511 Couch Drive
Suite 100
Oklahoma City OK
Phone: 800.376.1006
Email: info@proreporters.com

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Our trial presentation specialists can help bring your case to life, giving you an edge at your next mediation, arbitration, settlement conference or trial. Our professionals use the latest audio/visual and digital equipment to give the elements of your case more texture, depth and impact – often helping to approach a key point from multiple angles. Our team works as a part of your team, helping you master the power of technology to summon the right clip, snippet or image at a moment’s notice so you can deliver the right argument at the opportune time. Professional Reporters trial service professionals truly understand the cadences and nuances of legal presentation and argument, and can help add clarity and impact to your testimony and exhibits.
  • Add emphasis to key exhibits
  • Link transcripts to video
  • Dynamic text highlighting
  • Side-by-side visual document and evidence comparison
  • Integrated, on-demand video clips or transcript snippets for impeachment