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Provencher & Company, LLC.

Phone: 866.722.5246
1000 CM Fagan Drive, Suite F
Hammond, LA 70403
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1000 CM Fagan Drive, Suite F
Hammond LA
Phone: 866.722.5246
Email: rfoley@provencherclaims.com

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Provencher & Company, LLC is a nationwide provider of property and liability claims solutions including: daily and catastrophe loss adjustment; major claim management; business interruption claims handling; and expert litigation support.

Our ability to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions, customized and client-specific, is driven by experience and direct collaboration. Clients include: insurance companies; brokers; MGAs; TPAs; wholesalers; E&S markets; reinsurance companies; Lloyd’s; and law firms.


Creating a culture of community, fairness and dedication to those we serve. These include: stakeholders; associates; clients; insureds; claimants; local communities and charities.