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Practice Areas

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Human Factors
  • Structural
  • Trucking Reconstruction
Mr. Ferrone is a mechanical expert with extensive experience, particularly as related to the design, function and maintenance of automotive and heavy vehicles. Mr. Ferrone began his career as a senior mechanic, where his responsibilities included diesel engine and transmission failure analysis. As a Design Engineer, Mr. Ferrone was responsible for development of chassis, designing gradability studies, and flow charting logical operations and design procedures related to Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering Software. Mr. Ferrone has also designed and coordinated the implementation of piping systems for high-rise buildings around the globe. Because of his transportation background, Mr. Ferrone brings a unique combination of talents to his current work as a consulting engineer specializing in accident analysis, reconstruction, failure analysis, and computer engineering. Mr. Ferrone also has three (3) patents for heavy vehicle safety systems.


  • B.S. Engineering Mechanics,
  • with an Automotive Engineering Specialty,
  • University of Wisconsin
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