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LPI, Inc.

Joseph Crosson

New York
Office Phone: 212.233.2737
Office Fax: 212.406.1417
Email: jcrosson@lpiny.com
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Practice Areas

  • Metallurgy
Joseph Crosson, is a Principal at LPI, Inc. and has close to 35 years of extensive experience in evaluation of piping corrosion and failures in HVAC systems, domestic water systems and other pipe systems. Mr. Crosson has been with LPI, Inc. since 1970 and is responsible for day-to-day company management and finance. He holds a both a M.S. and BSc in Metallurgical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York, an MBA in Accounting from New York University, Graduate School of Business Administration, and has been a Licensed Professional Engineer in New York State since 1977. His areas of specialization consist of weld related structural failures, mechanical failures, heat exchanger problems, stress analysis, ship casualty investigations, wire rope failures, strain gauge techniques, power plant associated failures, materials testing, container crane failures and examination of container crane weldments. Mr. Crosson's responsibilities include root cause failure analysis investigations, supervision of field non-destructive testing and preventative maintenance investigations. Additionally, in his area of expertise, Mr. Crosson provides technical consultation to attorneys and, when necessary, testifies as an expert witness.
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