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Collision Specialists, Inc.

Jeffrey Kidd

Office Phone: 855.274.6776
Office Fax: 770.287.8688
Cell Phone: 229.563.4820
Email: jkidd@collisionspecialistsinc.com
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Practice Areas

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Motorcycle Reconstruction
  • Trucking Reconstruction
  • Trucking/FMCSR Regulations
Jeffrey A. Kidd began his law enforcement career with the Georgia State Patrol in 1988. In 1997 he was selected as one of the twenty “charter” members of the fatal traffic unit known as the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team. Mr. Kidd achieved the rank of Sergeant in Valdosta and later transferred to the Gainesville office. Mr. Kidd retired in September 2009 after 21 years of dedicated service and upon retirement had investigated over 3000 collisions, to include nearly 1500 fatal crashes.

Mr. Kidd is an instructor in Georgia and Florida and has taught in excess of 1400 course hours in the field of accident reconstruction in Georgia, Florida and Connecticut. He continues to teach annually through CLE’s to different organizations.

He is ACTAR certified and has been recognized as an expert in accident reconstruction in State, Superior and Federal Courts of Georgia and State Courts of South Carolina. Mr. Kidd received certification to conduct Level I, II, III and the transportation of Haz-Mat inspections on commercial motor vehicle carriers and their drivers as dictated under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Jeffrey specializes in commercial motor vehicles, compliance related to FMCSR’s, automotive, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle collisions. Mr. Kidd has received extensive training in the retrieval of information regarding “black-box” data on automotive and commercial applications.
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