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Pipkins Investigations

Kevin Pipkins

Office Phone: 713.682.1133
Office Fax: 713.686.3777
Email: KPipkins@pipkinspi.com
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Pipkins Investigation Company is a full-service private investigation agency with specialization in civil litigation resolutions and case building, insurance claims management, corporate and individual background research. We have both the experience and equipment to handle discrete surveillance assignments. Our extensive network of investigators and information resources assist us in supplying in-depth background checks and locating the most elusive witnesses. These resources also enable us to provide thorough asset location services including forensic account to track the money and restoration of deleted data from smart phones and computers.

With the assistance of full-time in-house support staff to aid Pipkins Investigation in document research and evidence retrieval, our investigators are fully focus on your case. Of the many assets that sets Pipkins Investigation apart from other agencies is our ability to build a case for our clients from start to finish. With extensive knowledge and experience in maritime accidents, insurance fraud and civil trial matters, Pipkins is poised to deliver accurate information very quickly, which allows our clients to make informed decisions about their cases. Our primary emphasis is structuring our many capabilities to your exact investigation requirements and achieve your successful results.



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