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They are selected based on their education, experience, qualifications, and reputation. They are not charged a fee to be included in the network.

Veritext - Ohio

Phone: 216.523.1313
Fax: 216.263.7070
1100 Superior Avenue
Suite 1820
Cleveland, OH 44114
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1100 Superior Avenue
Suite 1820
Cleveland OH
Phone: 954.649.5109
Email: ctnunez@veritext.com

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Veritext is the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions. For law firms and corporations, we provide national coverage, state-of-the-art facilities, highly skilled court reporters, advanced technology, unparalleled client service, and on-time delivery. Our solutions utilize the latest easy-to-use technologies that streamline the deposition process, enhance delivery flexibility, and reliably handle the most complex cases. Proprietary video, mobile and remote services combined with unmatched security, including HIPAA and PII compliance, ensure that Veritext clients have the best tools available and the confidence of working with the market leader.

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