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Latitude Subrogation Services

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6785 Telegraph Road, Suite 400
Bloomfield Hills MI
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Firm Information

Latitude Subrogation Services (“LSS”) was founded in 1997 as a subrogation servicing company to provide expertise in managing subrogation results in all personal and commercial lines of insurance business. As subrogation experts, we help companies engineer their performance through the services listed below.

Forensic Audits:
Commissioning our proprietary Forensic Subrogation Audit of closed files can reveal missed subrogation opportunities. Increasing the pool of subrogation potential claims for referral will result in higher returns for your portfolio of claims. Latitude provides companies the opportunity to explore their performance through our forensic audits of closed and open claims. Our team of auditors will track subrogation potential claims as well as claims that may have had subrogation recovery potential if certain action steps would have been initiated to preserve the opportunity. Latitude creates a forensic trend analysis, based on data facts showcasing opportunities to be considered. This service is often a prelude to a complete outsourcing arrangement or pilot program. These reviews can be conducted on-site at your facilities, or through a securely encrypted remote access points.

First Notice of Loss:
We review your First Notice of Loss or First Report of Injury claims to immediately determine your next steps to identify and preserve more subrogation opportunities. Our philosophy is to bring every recovery dollar to our partner that is available. LSS combines time honored traditional methods with its innovative proprietary processes to maximize recoveries for our clients. We utilize cutting-edge automation and data analytics to reduce cycle times and streamline efficiencies. We review all claims using the FNOL and key word identification as our initial determination for subrogation. Our multi-layered processes, technology and Best Claims Practices workflows, ensures nothing is missed for potential subrogation.

Multi-Line Subrogation Expertise:
Latitude's expertise spans all lines of personal and commercial business including Auto; Fleet; Property - Fire, Water, Product Liability, Puff backs, and Construction Defects; Workers Compensation, and Uninsured Motorist claims. Our Subrogation Specialists dig into the claim details and determine if there is subrogation potential. LSS's vibrant, highly skilled and diversified Subrogation Specialists collectively have over 700 hundred years of claims and subrogation knowledge and experience that defines Latitude as a leader in the industry. Every file with potential is prepared for recovery.

By relying on our expertise, your company will reduce fully loaded costs/expenses through outsourcing, reduce the cycle time of recovery, and increase recovery dollars. By removing obstacles and enhancing efficiencies, Latitude’s clients realize best-in class subrogation results.

Latitude Subrogation Services – Our values drive us. Our technology enables us. Our clients trust us. Contact us today and find out how Latitude can help your organization.