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Pamela Pettus, JD,
Chief Executive Officer

Boca Raton
Office Phone: 561.419.7500
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Pamela (Richards) Pettus is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of The, LLC, a national legal network designed to streamline the claims defense experience for Claims Professionals. Pamela brings a pioneering approach to the Executive Team as a result of her background in the courtroom and her decades of work managing all lines of insured and self-insured claims. Pamela graduated Emory University School of Law after she completed her studies at Boston University with degrees in Business and Psychology. She worked at Harvard Law School before obtaining prestigious clerkships with the Atlanta trial courts and The Supreme Court of Georgia. The legal knowledge she developed through her experiences was essential for her successful transition to the insurance industry. Pamela began her insurance industry career as a Claims Representative at State Farm Insurance. Her assignment to a specialty unit introduced her to the insurance restoration industry where she honed her negotiation skills with large loss property claim settlements. Since then, she has managed all lines of claims including multimillion-dollar class action litigation, and she has successfully resolved over 1,000 self-insured, insured, and litigated claims. Pamela has presented at professional conferences on a wide variety of legal topics in the claims industry and has participated on countless panels. Most recently, Pamela was responsible for managing the portfolio of all lines of claims as the Director of Claims and Insurance Litigation at BFC Financial Corporation, a holding company with an international portfolio that includes BBX Capital Corp (NYSE:BBX), BBX Sweet Holdings, Renin Corp., and Bluegreen Corporation. Pamela’s experience working in a Risk Management Department and working as an Adjuster, a Senior Claims Representative, a Claims Manager, and a Director gives her a comprehensive understanding of the critical needs of Claims Professionals to maximize the efficiency of their work. Pamela’s extensive history as a defense-client positions her to appreciate the needs of attorneys and specialists to be productive and effective. Pamela merged her multi-faceted legal and claims backgrounds to be an effective part of the development team at The Gavel. Pamela is certain the network was built with the best attorneys and specialists from each venue, and she is confident the claims defense experience for all Claims Professionals will be enhanced with The Gavel – your claims defense network®


  • ➢ Emory University School of Law: Doctor of Law
  • ➢ Boston University: Bachelor of Arts, CUM LAUDE WITH HONORS AND DISTINCTION
  • ❖ College of Arts and Sciences: Psychology
  • ❖ School of Management: Business Administration
  • ➢ National Institute of Trial Advocacy: trial skills and leadership program

Awards And Honors

  • ➢ Judicial Clerkships:
  • ❖ The Honorable Chief Justice Charles Weltner of the Supreme Court of Georgia
  • ❖ The Honorable Chief Justice Glenda Hatchett of the Fulton County Superior Court


  • ➢ Insurance Institute of America:
  • ❖ Associate in Claims (AIC)
  • ❖ Associate in Customer Service (ACS)
  • ❖ Certificate in General Insurance (INS)

Personal/Civil Memberships

  • ➢ Bank of America Advisory Panel
  • ➢ University of South Florida – Advisory Committee on Cyber Security


  • ➢ Experience with all insurable risks including Directors & Officers; mergers & acquisitions; coverage;
  • professional liability; property & casualty; employer liability; product liability; property; crime; and,
  • class action litigation
  • ➢ Proven results with alternative dispute resolutions
  • ➢ Formerly responsible for all legal and financial dealings of 2 private business ventures
  • ➢ Collaborated with U.S. Small Business Administration to fully fund a new start-up company
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